Sacpipe Connection System certified and P-labeled

The Sacpipe Connection System has completed RISE CR 072 certification and is approved for pipe rehabilitation of wastewater systems in properties. The Sacpipe Connection System is a complete system for pipe rehabilitation of sewer syste...

Over 700 km liner and 23 000 branch pipes installed

After each month we summarize sales to see how much material of Sacpipe Connection System that is installed. We we have statistics from 2011, when we added the sales in March it turned out that we had passed two important milestones. Now...

New website

At last we have released our new website. Our old website has been public for several years now without any major upgrades. It was time to make a new one and now it's here. The purpose of our new website is to provide information about Sac...

Newsletter for Sacpipe Connection System

New for 2017 is that we will kick off with a newsletter on Sacpipe Connection System. In this newsletter we will present news about the system, our authorized installers and relining in buildings. The newsletter is directed to property o...

Statistics for Sacpipe Connection System since 2011

We have put together statistics on how much material has been installed since 2011. Sacpipe Connection System was launched back in 2008 but we have only sales statistics since 2011. The statistics for the liner installations isn't totall...
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