The customers often have many questions about relining. What is what? How does it works? It is, among other things not so easy for an uninitiated person to know what the difference between the various methods is and what requirements you shall have on the material and installations. We have gathered some of the most important questions here.

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What is relining?
Relining is a collective term for the renovation of the sewage in ground and buildings. There are mainly two types of relining - internal coating of pipes or liner installations. Both is cured inside the pipes. Sacpipe Connection System is a system for relining of the pipes inside buildings using liner for pipes with diameters from 50 mm to 250 mm.
What are the main advantages of renovation with Sacpipe Connection System?
The cause minimal impact to the residents of the property. The residents don't have to move. They can stay in the apartment during the entire installation process. It is also cost-effective, sustainable, and there is less waste, noise and dust compared with traditional pipe replacement. With Sacpipe Connection System you know that material is the best on the market and the great result with last for many years to come.
Must newly renovated bathrooms and kitchens be demolished to carrie out the installation?
No, in most cases you do not have to demolish bathrooms or kitchens. Everything depends on the existing condition of the pipe system and where the pipes are routed. In the kitchen and in certain cases, the lower cabinet can be lifted out or you can open up a slot inside a cupboard. Most installations are performed from the basement or attic.
Will the dimension of the pipe be reduced when renovation with Sacpipe Connection System?
The difference is so small, that it has no affect on capacity of the pipe. Sewer pipes is oversized and after a few years when coatings and grease has gathered in the pipe. The dimension then have been reduced by 60 % and still work well.
Can you renovate with liner even though it is a larger hole in the old pipe?
When using liner, you can install it even if there are large holes and cracks, as long as the liner can be forwarded. If the liner can not be routed further, you use a pre-liner in the bad pipe. Then you install the liner as usual. This is why it is possible to renovate even a pipe in a very bad condition.
What is included in Sacpipe Connection System
Sacpipe Connection System includes epoxy and flexible seamless liner from Brawoliner, Sacparts branch pipes, new connections with Sacparts New Connection and Sacparts Relining Connection, that secure the transition from a traditional pipe to a restored pipe.
Can Sacpipe Connection System installed simultaneously with other renovations in the building?
Yes, and it can be an advantage especially when it comes to bathroom renovation, or replacement of the kitchen, where sewer pipes isn't in use for a short period. Often do several different types of maintenance and renovations over the same period to shorten total the time that the craftsmen stay in the residence, which leads to less impact for the residents.
Should branch pipes always be installed at a relining installation?
Yes, the connection is one of the most vulnerable parts of a sewage system. Branch pipes should always be installed at a relining. It is not enough to install liner from the branch line that goes out into the main pipe. There will probably be a leakage there later.
How long will the new renovated pipes last?
According to an age-accelerating test performed by the test institute IKT in Germany, the pipes was barely affected after 50 years of simulated use. It is also in these tests that our liner and epoxy have become "Best in test".
Is it possible to renovate the pipes in the bathroom?
It depends on how the the sewer system looks. Has it fairly simple routes in the bathroom it works great. Sacpipe Connection System has liner down to 50 mm diameter. However, the drains in the bathroom can be complicated with small dimensions, many bends and several branches. In those cases, it is not always economically viable to renovate with liner. Then wait for the next bathroom's renovation and replace the sewer completely instead. Inspecting the pipes and if they are in very poor condition, or if there is a leakage. Then it may be appropriate to point repair or extend the lifetime of the pipe with a coating method.
What is the difference between Sacpipe Connection System and other methods of relining?
There are mainly two different techniques for renovating pipes in buildings - with flexible liner or coating. Sacpipe Connection System is a system with flexible liner. There is a difference between liner and coating in terms of materials, workmanship and result. There is also a difference between Sacpipe Connection System and other liner systems, it's basically the same material in cured state but Sacpipe Connection System uses the liner from Brawoliner which is the most flexible liner and seamless liner. All other systems use a felt liner. The seamless liner from Brawoliner makes it very flexible and can handle both dimensional changes and sharp bends.
Can the new pipes be cleaned in the same way as the old ones?
High-pressure water cleaning and a lot of other methods work well. The contractor has documention on cleaning and chemical resistance.
Is Sacpipe Connection System suitable for private homes?
It depends on the circumstances, and if it is economically viable to do in a private home. But of course, the system is designed to be installed in all types of real estate - apartments, villas, industrial facilities, public baths, hospitals, etc. We recommend an inspection by an certified installer of Sacpipe Connection System for a good answer to this question.
Can Sacpipe Connection System be installed in all types of sewer pipes?
It does not matter what type of material the existing pipe system is made of the old pipe is only used as a mold. The old pipe can rust and break after installation without causing any damage to the new pipe.
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