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Quality & Environment

High demands provides high quality

Quality is very important for our installers and for you as a customer. It is also why we are working with materials and components of high quality. In Sacpipe Connection System we use a material that meets the high requirements that we have for our system. We use Brawoliner liner and resin.

Brawoliner is the leading European brand and in our opinion the best liner available in the market. It is extremely flexible and handle both bends and dimensional changes. There is an extremely high and consistent quality where each batch is tested before delivery. There are constant checks of the quality before, during and after production, combined with extensive documentation of the material which guarantees consistently high quality. The products are clearly marked with batch number so that all test results can be tracked many years after production.

Waste minimization, and low resource consumption

Compared to traditional pipe replacement the renovation can be implemented without unnecessary tearing of floors and walls. There is minimal waste and it is very resource-saving, reducing the environmental impact of the renovation. It is a very good renovation method for a sustainable society. Management of the products and waste is also an important part of the education that all our certified installers have passed.

Tested and documented

The material in Sacpipe Connection System is very well tested and documented to meet the requirements of a system of absolute top class within relining in terms of durability, flexibility, chemical resistance and environmental impact.

Certified and P-labeled by RISE

Sacpipe Connection System has completed the certification by RISE (formerly SP) according to their CR 072 rules. This have shown that the system has at least 50 years durability and meets the requirements for pipe rehabilitation of sewer systems in normal residential environments within buildings. Read more…

Certified by Eurofins

The Sacpipe Connection System has completed Eurofin’s certification (formerly VTT), which corresponds to RISE CR 072 in Finland. The test is carried out by Eurofins and has similar requirements as in RISE CR 072, but the durability is tested for at least 30 years instead of at least 50 years.

DIBt approval

The liner from Brawoliner is DIBt approved both for renovation of pipes in buildings and ground pipes. The material also complies with many international standards such as Quik, Kiwa, WRC CP308 while meeting the requirements of BS EN ISO 11296-4: 2011.

Chemical Resistance

The material is tested for a variety of chemicals and their impact on the new sewage pipes. The material withstand many chemicals and is therefore also very good to use in industrial properties. Everything is documented on a list of chemical resistance.

Best in test

IKT in Germany has twice carried out tests on relined pipes from the leading brands on the market. Both times our material Brawoliner been awarded “best in test”.

Approved for drinking water

Relined pipes with Brawoliner is tested against the requirements for drinking water in Germany, the Institute for Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Medicine in Gelsenkirchen. The result was that they could not demonstrate any effect on the water and therefore there are no reservations from water hygienic point of view regarding the use of Brawoliner the renovation of sewers.

Learn more about our materials: www.brawoliner.com