historien om Sacpipe Falun

The history of Sacpipe Connection System

Starts with relining of pipes inside buildings. Sacpro was one of the first in Sweden to do that.Many years of experience
Many years of development

The Company behind Sacpipe Connection System is Sacpro AB in Sweden. Sacpro AB is Sweden’s leading supplier of tools and materials for relining in buildings. The Company was founded in 1988 by Jan-Erik Svedlund, he is still the majority shareholder and member of the board. Sacpro has 28 years of experience in relining inside buildings. At first Sacpro was an entrepreneur working all around Sweden. As the relining inside building was a very new technology Sacpro had to run their own development of materials and tools to make installations faster, easier and safer. Since 2005 Sacpro only served as producer and supplier to the contractors without having any installation business of their own. In other words, there are many years of development and experience behind Sacpipe Connection System.


Partnerships with Brawoliner

The liner that is used in Sacpipe Connection System is from Germany – Brawoliner, that is the market leader in epoxy and liner in Europe. In our opinion it is the best materials and it is also why it is the foundation of Sacpipe Connention System. We have been working closly with Brawoliner since 2008 to develop and test the material so it remains at the forefront and contiues to meet the requirements that Sacpro, certified installers and their customers have.



1988 Sacrab was founded by Jan-Erik Svedlund and was working with pipe cracking and pipe relining in the ground.
1990 Starts with relining of pipes inside buildings. Sacpro was one of the first in Sweden to do that.
1991 Sacrab develops tools for installation of liner and branch pipes inside buildings.
1992 Sacrab gets divided into two business areas, construction and supplier of materials and tools.
2005 The construction part of Sacrab is acquired by another company and the business is streamlined to be a supplier of materials and tools for relining inside buildings. Sacrab change name to Sacpro.
2008 Sacpipe Connection System is launched, which includes Brawoliner liner and epoxy, Sacparts branch pipes and new connections.
2012 Certified installer of Sacpipe Connection System is launched. The system is complemented by Sacparts Relining Connection that is a secure transition from a conventional pipe to a pipe that is relined.