Over 700 km liner and 23 000 branch pipes installed

After each month we summarize sales to see how much material of Sacpipe Connection System that is installed. We we have statistics from 2011, when we added the sales in March it turned out that we had passed two important milestones.
Now there are over 700 km Brawoliner Liner, that is part of Sacpipe Connection System, installed in buildings around Sweden, Finland and Norway. To be precise, it is 700204.5 m installed. Not only did we pass 700 km liner, we also passed 23000 branch pipes and at the end of March, 23135 branch pipes was installed.
All our statistics are based on sales figures and there is no certainty that every meter liner and each branch pipe is installed, but it is a very good estimation. Now we’re setting new goals, we hope you will join us on our journey.