There is a difference between relining and relining

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Renovation of pipes without dust and noise

Sacpipe Connection System restores your pipes. It almost doesn’t matter in what condition the pipes are. It means that it doesn’t matter if there are holes, cracks, joint displacements or even missing pieces in the pipe. When installing Sacpipe Connection Systems in the broken or old pipe system you create a completely new self-supporting pipes inside the old pipes. The new pipe having a predetermined thickness and is as durable as new traditional pipes. The advantage is that the pipe system is completely free of joints, from the beginning to the end, through all the branchings, no matter how long the distance is.

More than just a liner

The liner in Sacpipe Connection System is very flexible and gives a great result with high quality. It is an important part of the system but only one of many. When renovating a sewage system you required more than just a liner.

A part of Sacpro

Sacpipe Connection System is developed and marketed by Sacpro AB, that is Sweden’s leading supplier of tools and materials for relining. The company has over 25 years experience of relining in Buildings.


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